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We find amazing people for high-growth businesses
Whether you are transforming your business, scaling your venture or are looking for a co-founder

Delivering since 2019







Empowering Corporates, Startups, Scaleups, and Founders: Our Comprehensive Service Portfolio


We specialize in constructing and expanding digital units and hubs, while sourcing pivotal leadership roles for commercial success. Additionally, we facilitate digital transformation initiatives, empowering companies to drive new ventures or rejuvenate established ones, and offer comprehensive corporate venture solutions, including hiring and scaling leadership teams post-validation.



Every startup and scaleup is unique, with its own set of challenges, and opportunities. Our approach to recruitment is highly personalized, taking into account the specific needs and growth objectives of each organization. Whether it's building a founding team, scaling up or expanding into new markets, we work closely with our clients to develop tailored strategies.



In select cases, we offer a unique service aimed at empowering founders to find the ideal co-founder for their ventures. Understanding the critical importance of a strong founding team, we facilitate meaningful connections between visionary entrepreneurs and potential co-founders who possess complementary skills, experience, and passion.


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We offer Talent Solutions across all Seniority Levels



We specialize in identifying visionary leaders who can shape product strategy (CPOs), adept Product Managers who oversee development, UX/UI Designers who craft exceptional user experiences, and analytical minds who derive insights to refine product features.



We excel in finding dynamic commercial leaders (CCOs), persuasive Sales Representatives who drive revenue growth, creative Marketing Specialists who elevate brand presence, and adept Partnership Managers who foster strategic collaborations.



Our expertise extends to sourcing strategic technology leaders (CTOs), skilled Software Engineers who craft robust solutions, Data Scientists who unlock the power of data, and DevOps Engineers who streamline development processes and ensure reliability.



Our focus on growth encompasses visionary leaders (CGOs), innovative Growth Marketers who master acquisition and retention strategies, dedicated Customer Success Managers who prioritize client satisfaction, and analytical minds who extract actionable insights.

Exploring our four Key Areas of Expertise

SME and Enterprise SaaS

In the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS), we contribute to  improved products and enhanced scalability for digital businesses. 


Manufacturing & Defense

Fintech & Insurtech

In Manufacturing & Defense, we navigate complex landscapes, optimizing processes and embracing innovation.

Within Fintech & Insurtech, we pioneer disruptive solutions, revolutionizing financial and insurance sectors. 

Our expertise in retail drives online retail success through optimized platforms and user interfaces.

About us

We are two entrepreneurial partners with a background in executive search, consulting, finance and startups


of the work is done by us two. We believe that a lean organisation focussed on execution is key to hiring the best possible people for our clients.

Case Study: Scaling a leading German DIY Store

Over the span of four years, we focused on talent acquisition for a prominent retail organization's digital unit. Facing challenges from evolving consumer behaviors and online competition, we leveraged our expertise in executive search and digital recruitment to build a high-performing team.



We meticulously sourced and recruited specialized talent across various roles, including business development, digital marketing, product and engineering. By aligning each hire with the client's strategic goals and culture, we ensured a cohesive and dynamic team capable of driving digital innovation.



Our efforts in talent acquisition boosted the digital unit, bringing in top-tier professionals who spearheaded transformative initiatives. From optimizing e-commerce platforms to implementing data-driven marketing strategies, our hires played a pivotal role in enhancing the organization's digital capabilities and positioning it for sustained success.

Think we could also be of value to you? 

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