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Why we started Digital Eleven

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

We created this company 6 months ago with the mission to democratize talent acquisition for companies in Europe and the Middle East. Before Digital Eleven, we built several innovation hubs across at Digital McKinsey to support the digital teams at Digital McKinsey. In the process of building those hubs, we realized that existing recruiters and headhunters are not able to serve their clients with digital talent needs. Plus, most companies and growth startups do not have the internal recruiting capacity to support digital growth ambitions. That is why felt the time is right to help founders and companies with their biggest problem to grow their digital businesses: Access to talent.

We are young, mostly female and immersed in the European and Middle Eastern tech scenes. We pride ourselves with a can do attitude that will provide our corporate and growth startup clients with swift access to leading talents and at the same time offer candidates with work with an unparalleled recruiting experience. With that in mind, we strive to become an important pillar of the European tech scene.

We categorize our work in three categories: innovation hubs for corporates, digital talent strategies and scaling of tech teams. We have already supported over 10 clients in Europe and the Middle East with their talent needs, we would be excited to also hear from you very soon.


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